Search Engine Optimization

The visibility on the web is essential

A website, however well made, it is absolutely useless if, when a user search for it, he cannot find it.

Every day we come into contact with new Internet addresses in many different ways: through advertising of all kinds, from a business card or statement from a client or business partner. It is impossible to remember every single www, and so when you do not remember one in particular, or just want to try a service for which we do not know the suppliers, we rely on a search engine.

Search engines

SEO A technical aspect that is often overlooked about search engines is that results, returned at the end of a search, are not the results of a real research on the Internet. It is impossible to sift through the entire Internet to every new search. So how do they return a list of results so quickly? The answer is indexing

To explain this concept in a simple way you can think of a search engine as a giant catalog, and just like a catalog it also has a list of contents.
For example, if we have a catalog of all the painters in the world, and we look for Picasso, we do not browse through all the pages to find it. we will consult the index page and we will try to match the painter Picasso.

Then, the search engines work similarly: they regularly scan all Internet content and create an index, classifying information according to keywords that best identify them. Later, when a user conducts a search, this index is consulted and results that were previously indexed for the keywords required are returned.

Optimization is the key

The factor that determines whether your site will be at the top or bottom of search results for certain keywords is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is the treatment that is applied to the site during its development, to make so that it will be well indexed.

The main search engines, in fact, do not plan to pay to get a site in top positions, therefore the only way to earn this privilege is a proper optimization work during development of the site.

If you do not make this process, there is the risk that among the search results you end up in a queue position, losing visitors and therefore potential customers. In the worst cases you may not even appear in the results, making it absolutely useless the site.

blazestudio guarantee results

blazestudio, as part of the development process, makes a detailed analysis of all the features necessary for a proper SEO and ensures that the final product, once indexed, will appear in the top positions of searches with major search engines for the keywords that best describe the business.