e-Publishing Platforms

Communication nowadays

e-Publishing The technological developments of recent decades, particularly in relation to the birth and introduction of Internet and mobile communications in everyday life, is the main factor that led to the radical lifestyle change we are witnessing today. Who, only fifteen years ago, imagined that one day we could access any information anywhere we were

That day has arrived, and for the classic means of information, such as newspapers and magazines, has opened a world of new opportunities. To prove this, think to all the main newspapers: they have all an online version.

e-Publishing: an added value

Contrary to what one might think at first glance, reproducing a publication on the network does not diminish the value of the paper, but rather amplifies and completes it: on advertisers' side there will be an added value, because its advertising can be viewed, other than the reader of the paper, also from peolple online. On the users' side there is a considerable increase of opportunities offered by the information service: the possibility to access your favorite newspaper anywhere, with news updated in real time and the possibly to share your opinion and view those of others.

The information is no longer a static entity that is produced and consumed, but is a living organism that is born, grows and evolves in relation to those who receive it and becomes a participant. Being distributed through multimedia devices, in addition, permits to not only remain related to writing: in addition to simple images, if necessary, a report may be accompanied by audio or video recordings.

blazestudio builds technology infrastructure suitable for creating online information systems. Using the latest Web 2.0 technologies, we can develop any kind of web application suitable for disclosure of information online, from newspapers to virtual browsable magazines, accessible directly from PC and mobile devices.