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blazestudio Software Development

Custom applications

blazestudio develops custom software on demand for every need, such as applications for business and warehouse management, customer relationship (CRM), helpdesk and internal staff and/or collaborators training.

Practical and modular solutions

Ease of use, convenience and cleanliness are the main features of all software developed by blazestudio. It is often a widespread tendency to adapt the end user to the software features than the reverse. We do not think so: during the development process, in fact, the user becomes an active part in the implementation process, to better study the interaction with the application.

Between the phase of the specifications and the finished product, the customer has the opportunity to personally handle the prototypes, to achieve exactly the desired result and avoid misunderstanding on features.

Finally modularity, typical of all software developed by blazestudio, allows, after the release of the final version, to make additions or changes upon customer request in a simple, fast and economical way.


In the case of highly complex projects, where development presents heterogeneous features and more resources are required, blazestudio collaborates with an outside partner, the software house eVoluton.

eVolution follows our same principles of quality, flexibility and modularity, and, like us, defines a strict timeline, through which realizes prototypes, previews, and the finished product within agreed deadlines.
This partnership allows us to conclude any project quickly, while preserving the high level of quality to which we aim.

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