See how useful can be the net

The web profoundly influences our daily lives and, therefore, it becomes an effective business tool. Do not miss the opportunity to reach new customers and provide them advanced services: advertising, communication and customer care can be integrated online with lower cost and better results.

blazestudio Web Agency

A website nowadays

When speaking about websites, the more think that they are something more like a business card than a real marketing tool.

This could be true up to a decade ago, when the most people had no access to the internet and often lacked even a PC. Nowadays the situation has changed: almost everyone has a computer or a mobile device which can connect to the network, and people is increasingly using Internet for daily activities.

While the ubiquity of the Internet phenomenon was becoming more pervasive, even web services have increased in quantity and quality: a website today is no longer just a virtual showcase with a status symbol value, but becomes active tool in the enterprise: services, support and assistance can be integrated online, reducing costs and improving the rate of customer satisfaction.

A website as an integration of company services

Flexibility, whichi is more and more required by the market, can be easily reached through the web, with excellent results and reduced costs. In this field blazetudio pursues a policy of continuous research, analysis and experimentation, to mantain itself constantly updated about endless innovations that every day occur, with special attention to the open source software community, invaluable resource for functional and safe projects.

Thank to this philosophy, blazestudio can develop products quickly and at reasonable cost while preserving a high quality. Contact us for more information, a quote or just for an advice, we will be happy to assist you with any needs.

Aesthetical look is always of primary importance

The look and feel of a website, for its purely aesthetic nature, is sometimes considered a minor aspect in the development of a website: nothing further from the truth.

The first feature that will impress the user, even before reading the content or use the services, it's the appearance of the product in front of him.

blazestudio takes this into account and in fact, generally, most of the time required for the development of a website is devoted to the study of the GUI. Cleanliness, simplicity and originality are the three characteristics that we consider necessary in order to impress the user immediately. In the long term, it will be interesting content and functional services that determine the winning tactic to conquer the trust of users