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Computer security

Safety is not an absolute state

IT security is like a strongbox: even though it is reinforced and sealed with sophisticated locks, there is always a way to open it. But do not misunderstand: this comparison is not to conclude that safety is useless or not worth investing on it. Simply wants to put in the right perspective, the concept of security. When you think safety, in fact, do not think an absolute state, with a maximum degree that can reach to be safe. On the contrary, this is always relative, and can be expressed only measured in comparison to the context in which it is considered.

To better understand this concept think back to the strongbox: if we take some chocolates and put them in a padlock sealed wooden box, we can consider our system safe. The ratio between the cost of break in the box and the benefit that it would are not convenient from a strictly economic point of view. In this case we consider the possibility of system violation very low. But if, instead, we take a hundred million dollars, even if we put them in a armored car, we could not get a good degree of safety. Paradoxically, in this case, chocolates could be much safer.

So it's very important to consider the degree of security as a relationship, the one which exists between the value of what you're protecting and the cost that would violate the security system.

Securing computer systems

Even in IT question is similar: every business situation is different, with structural characteristics that must be studied in detail and types of threats that should be identified and quantified in order to then implement the most appropriate security systems.

According to this philosophy, blazestudio designs and builds data and computer protecting systems from a perfectly balanced perspective of cost-effectiveness, to consider negligible the possibility of theft or intrusion, while maintaining an economically viable investment.