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Risk Management

Information Technology risk

Risk assessment is part of all business activities, and its analysis in the context of IT business is crucial when it is part of, or in support at, the production process.

All computer components, although of good quality, are subject to breakdowns and, unfortunately, in most cases these occur without any previous symptom. Their occurrence is never localized and confined to a single component, but inevitably leads to failure of the entire system.

In addition, damage caused by a malfunction is not limited solely to a decrease or a temporary blockage of productivity, but may also extend to a permanent loss of data stored by these systems, with an obvious loss, that can be measured directly with the actual value of the data considered.

Risk measurement

It appears, therefore, that no component alone is reliable enough to ensure proper workflow continuity and adequate safe storage. So we can consider the risk of IT systems such as the relationship between the economic value of information assets and the reliability of the systems that management them, expressed in probabilistic terms.

After mathematically assessing the risk, blazestudio designs adequate redundancy and backup systems that can ensure maximum continuity of all environments that compose the corporate information infrastructure, and secure storage of all data products. Through this approach, a single failure does not interrupt the production cycle, but remains confined in such a way to leave a sufficient time to make a technical intervention to put an end to the situation without interrupting workflow.