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Blaze FlipFramework

simple, fast and functional e-Publishing

Blaze FlipFramework is a solution for online publication of documents such as manuals, brochures, newspapers or magazines, to make them virtual browsable. All this without any special computer knowledge.

Thank to an advanced management system, developed by blazestudio, you can manage your own publications by a simple control panel where you have only to upload the original PDF document. Blaze FlipFramework will think to any subsequent conversion procedures to make the browsable publication.

Teamwork Clinic Magazine - 09/06

Blaze FlipFramework

Language: PHP - Javascript/Ajax - Flash
Latest stable version: 1.2

Teamwork Clinic online magazine, courtesy of teamwork-media srl

A result of strong impact

The realism and the natural ease that you can experience interacting with a browsable online publication is unmatched by any other system currently on the market. If your intent is to provide a highly effective service to everyone, Blaze FlipFramework is for you.